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Please alert your therapist of any allergies or injuries.

I understand that life happens and there might be a time where a scheduled appointment will need to be cancelled. In respect to our therapists, we require a 24 hour notice be given to avoid being charged in full for cancelled appointment. No shows will be treated in the same manner.

Due to Florida law in regards to massage, the individual must remain covered throughout the complete duration of the massage; there will be NO exceptions. If for some reason this law is not adhered to, the therapist reserves the right to immediately stop the massage. If this does occur, it is understood that the individual is responsible for the full price of the massage.

A minor, according to Florida law, is required to be accompanied by a consenting adult for the complete duration of the massage.

Massage has amazing benefits and can help an individual overcome many physical and mental dysfunctions, however, it is not meant to replace the professional diagnoses and treatment from a qualified medical practitioner.