Shiva's Massage in Dunedin, prides itself in its superior quality of oils, uniqueness of all natural handmade scrubs, and Cupping Therapy that will change your life!

In addition to the Dunedin office, Shiva's Massage even travels to your home, office, or event. We bring everything necessary to achieve relaxation and completely sculpt the massage to what you and your body need through a number of different massage and cupping techniques. Like us on Facebook for monthly specials.
Shiva's Massage is the only one in Dunedin to offer such a large variety of cupping techniques. From Sports Cupping, Colon Cleansing, Anti-Cellulite, Magnetic Cupping, Facial Rejuvenation Cupping, Fire Cupping, etc... Cupping Therapy helps with so many different ailments and results are achieved at a much faster rate. Whether your body is run down from the stresses of work, you are training for that next race, or you are looking to relax, we welcome you to enjoy Shiva's Massage.
We use high quality, cold pressed, certified organic avocado oil. This luxurious oil will leave the skin feeling moisturized but not greasy. It is also known to prevent sun damage, reduces the signs of aging and dandruff, and relieves pain from inflammation. Our scrubs are handmade with raw, all natural organic ingredients including sea salt or sugar, fruit, veggies, and herbs. Keep an eye out for our seasonal blends.

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